Granitec is a subsidiary of Swiss Stone Masons and is an authorised TOOLGAL agent. We supply the stone industry with top quality saws, drills, tools and blades.

Our Cutting Products

  • Block Segments

    Block Segments for Jumbo
    Blades in Monumental Slabs

  • Cyclone

    Smooth Cutting for Sensitive Materials

  • G2

    Premium Bales, Long Life Easy Cutting

  • Materials

    Any Natural and Synthetic Stone

  • Shark Blade

    Smooth Cutting and Long Life
    Excellent For Engineered Stone.

  • S.O.B.

    Premium Range of Circular Blades

  • Special Blades

    Special Blades for Various Applications

  • Production of

    Slabs, Kitchen Tops, and Vanity Slabs, Tiles and Monuments

  • Multi

    Multiblades of Various Sizes for Tile Cutting

  • Xtreme

    Very Low Price
    Easy Cutting

Tool Gallery

Clip on Coupling Diamond and Turbo

Clip on Coupling Diamond and Turbo

Concave125mm 175mm (20) Bore

Core Drills

Cylcone 125mm 175mm (20) Bore 175mm (25) Bore 230mm


Polishing Blocks

Premium 125mm 175mm(20) Bore 175 mm(25) Bore 230mm

Shark blade 230mm

Special offer 300

Special offer 350

Special offer 400

Turbo 175 (20)


Xtreme Slant 230mm